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send me dick pics

Anonymous Q: i think i know you in real life holy shit

where do you think you know me from?


Webcam sex

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I tried to post the video but I don’t know what’s going on with tumblr these days so I made this gif of me fucking my own ass with my dildo.

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maotapia Q: Would u like to Kik me ?

I don’t use kik but if you want you can find me on snapchat the username is gaygifs

Anonymous Q: How big is your dick in inches? Like to me yours seems really big

I don’t really understand the US metric system, sorry.

Anonymous Q: Is using a dildo ever dirty? Do you get what im saying?

lol you have to clean yourself before using the dildo

Anonymous Q: I wish my dick was as big as yours :(

my dick is more regular than big.

Anonymous Q: Do you receive a lot of asks? I've always wondered if people just ignore the ask box in porn blogs or if they full it... I love your blog, btw.


I don’t receive thaaat much asks. Some of them I publish here, some of them I answer privatly and some of then I just ignore.