But I have no idea which one yours is...


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Where can I find a pic of your dick?

dude are you serious?

it’s all over my tumblr

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You should post nudes

give me a good reason to

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spank me, daddy.

sweet dreams

Just wait things out, maybe you's could meet one day?? You shouldn't get too upset :c

I shouldn’t but I am :(

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So there’s this guy I met on hornet (basicly a better grindr), and we have been talking a lot since. We trade some nudes, we talk about life and stuff. He lives in the same city as I live but we never got to meet. We just talk through the internet. And this past weekend he went to a party and made out with a boy and with a girl. I know we don’t have anything serious, the truth is we have nothing at all, but I was so upset when he told me the party. I’ve been avoiding him these days because I’m fucking upset and I know I don’t have the right to be upset because we’re not dating or whatevs. I’m jealous and he seems not to realize that or he does and doesn’t give a damm about it. Question: what should I do?

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so hornyyyyyy

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